A  man hit a pet dog and his owner with an iron rod in Paschim Vihar, Delhi after the dog barked at him. Later the man even hit the lady of the house when she tried to stop him from taking the iron rod, as he was trying to destroy the evidence.  To watch the gruesome act kindly go to the link below:

A young boy from Hanumangargh, Rajasthan picked a small dog and drowned him in the river.He not only enjoyed this act but also captured it on camera and made the video viral. 

A man and his sister in Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi beat stray dogs and threatened the feeder. They have the support of the police of the area. The head constable of the area has asked the MCD to take away the dogs. As the dogs are all neutered, the MCD has refused to pick them up. The caregivers are scared for the dogs. The dogs might get killed or relocated. Is it not shameful that the police who is supposed to protect the dogs and the caregivers of their area are actually harming them?


Residents of a residential society in Mumbai objected dog feeders from feeding the dogs of the society. The feeders were feeding in the car parking but the residents had objection to that too. These residents call themselves educated. Just watch the video and decide for yourself if these people are actually educated. The dogs are neither barking nor biting anyone. They are silently eating the food. But the two legged animals are shouting at them and hitting them with sticks and bricks.


A doctor by profession deliberately drove his car over a sleeping dog in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. 


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