started this petition roughly 5 years back. The petition was addressed to the Chief Minister of Delhi Mr Arvind Kejriwal. I did it thinking he has passion to do good for the society. All that I wished from him was to bring reforms in the way ABC was being implemented in Delhi. But Inspite of my best efforts I could never meet him probably because dogs were never on his priority list, 

Very soon I realized he has no interest in stray dogs as his intention was to make Delhi stray animal free which he made very clear in his last election campaign 

To add to the woes of dogs of Delhi came G20. For all Indians it was a matter of pride but that pride soon became shame when the municipal corporation came out with a circular to pick up dogs of Delhi for holding G20. After protest from caregivers the circular was withdrawn because as per law sterlized dogs cannot be picked up from their location. But soon the corporation started picking up dogs silently and illegally. And on 1st Sept and 2 nd Sept dogs were picked up like garbage in large numbers and dumped at various Shelters. It happened in the most cruel manner

Many caregivers are now looking for their dogs with tears in their eyes as they don’t know where the dogs are.

The central govt is holding G20 but not once they have criticized this cruel, illegal & unethical move as if they are tacitly supported this sin

The MCD comes under Delhi Govt and if the Govt wanted they could have stopped this mayhem but it seems they were enjoying this secret task of making the capital canine free

Last but not the least the so called Animal welfare bodies are no less guilty. Few of them were aiding in this illegal pick up of dogs by pursuading feeders and caregivers to voluntarily hand over the dogs to the MCD

India is a hell for dogs and today I feel sad for all the dogs who were born in this country. May God stop sending dogs to India 

See for yourself how in the name of G20 the dogs have been tortured

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