While the world is celebrating International dog day the dogs of India are still suffering. They are being killed, relocated & beaten and there is not much caregivers can do.

 A one and a half month old pup (Pic in the post) was relocated on the streets to die.  Other dogs were all attacking her & biting her but thankfully she was protected by a humane person. But not all dogs are lucky to get protected & hence survive.

Inspite of the ABC rules which says dogs cannot be relocated the dogs are being relocated  by people.

Why would the common man not relocate dogs when the corporation who is the custodian of community dogs do it all the time.

Dogs were recently picked up by Jhabua corporation in Madhya Pradesh & thrown in jungles to die. To watch how the dogs are treated like garbage kindly go on the link below:

Even today at many places in India ABC units are not functional.

Just like dogs,.caregivers too are not spared. Recently in a housing society in Mumbai where 10000 residents live a lady caregiver was publicly humiliated. The caregiver feeds around 25 community dogs who stay in the society. She got the dogs sterilized & gets them yearly vaccinated for rabies from her own pocket. But instead of thanking her the residents are all accusing her for feeding the dogs & want the dogs to be removed.  They say dogs attack & bite their children. Just imagine 10000 people cannot take care of 25 dogs.

And will someone ask them why dogs attack their children? Dogs neither attack nor bite without a reason. Unfortunately the dogs living in societies are seen with hatred. People often shoo them away, beat them and keep them hungry & thirsty. Many dogs are forced to sit in open in hot sunny day, cold weather and rainy day. With so much discomfort how can we expect any living being to be friendly. The Indian dog is still very tolerant.  

Watch how the media reporter in a very biased manner reports the man dog conflict in this society while the lady caregiver singlehandedly  is trying to speak for the dogs. This is the kind of mob which caregivers face on a daily basis in India. 

The problem is with people of India and not the dogs of India. Majority of Indians know nothing about dog behaviour. When dog comes running towards them they start jumping, howling, and shooing the dog away thinking the dog is attacking them.& biting them. They themselves don’t know how to behave with dogs so how can we expect them to teach their children to behave rightly with dogs. Poor dogs have become victim of ignorance & hatred of people of India. 

And the Govt and the animal welfare depts are doing nothing to create right awareness. 

India is hosting G20 in September 2023 which is a matter of pride for all Indians but dogs are again being victimised because the  municipal corporation of Delhi had decided to remove dogs from streets of Delhi, but after massive protest they withdrew the order. However rumour is that the dogs are still being picked up secretly. 

This is not only torturous for dogs but also illegal. And dumping them in shelters will also compromise their health as shelters are breeding ground for infections & diseases. But who cares for the health & life of dog of India. 

Corporations of India have done maximum cruelty on dogs of India & are still doing.They made a mess of the ABC program. They have no road map for making india canine rabies free as they are too busy making the county canine free. 

On the day of international dog day Indian dogs have no reason to celebrate 

Only hoping that this most painful, sinful & illegal act of picking up dogs & relocating them from the streets & societies of India be stopped. 

Dogs of India are India’s pride who deserve to be flaunted not hidden. They will happily welcome all the delegates of G20 countries & they know for sure that while their own country men illtreat them & are ashamed of them the delegates of G20 counties will love them & respect them. 

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